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We are a full-service Certified Commercial Inspection Firm offering multiple reporting styles tailored to fit your specific needs and budget.

General Commercial Inspections
Generalist Inspections are performed by an inspection company (similar to a home inspection) and are intended to alert you to conditions requiring a specialist evaluation. You may choose to supplement this type of inspection by hiring specialist in any area of concern. This type of inspection is priced similar to slightly above our residential inspection prices in most cases.

Large Commercial / Industrial Buildings:
Performed in accordance with ASTM Standard E2018-15 for inspecting Commercial Properties, A Property Condition Report will be provided after completing a Property Condition Assessment and interviewing any people knowledgeable with the property. Such reports vary based on the agreed scope of work and typically include contractor proposals for currently needed repairs, 5-year Projected Costs, as well as estimated Annual Maintenance Costs.  This style of reporting typically takes a week or more to coordinate, schedule, and complete.
We travel nationwide for ASTM Commercial inspections when requested and hire local contractors to provide estimates. Pricing on this type of inspection can be billed on a daily basis or a contracted proposal which varies based on the type, number of structure(s), and number of sub-contractors required. All costs associated with obtaining sub-contractors are the sole responsibility of the client and not included in our inspection pricing. 

Please Email Legacy.Flagstaff@gmail.com to request Commercial Property Proposals.