Commercia l Inspections

We are a full-service Certified Commercial Inspection Firm offering multiple reporting styles tailored to fit our client's specific  needs and budgets.

Small Commercial Buildings
Some clients simply want a "Generalist Inspection" which is performed by a single inspector and is typically written in a more "residential-style reporting format". Pricing for this type of inspection is typically the same as our residential inspections.

Large Commercial / Industrial Buildings:
We also offer industry-leading ASTM Commercial Inspections.  In this instance, we sub-contract specialists in each field (HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, etc.) to inspect, report, and provide an estimate of repairs on any deficiencies within their respective field of expertise. It's essentially a hired team of uniquely-qualified experts inspecting your new property in a very short time while providing exact costs of repairs, life-expectancy, and projected annual maintenance.
We then compile a report with 3 specific catergories: Immediate Costs Required, 5-year Projected Costs, and Annual Expected Maintenance Costs.  This style of reporting typically takes a week or more to coordinate, schedule, and complete. We travel nationwide for these inspections when requested and hire local contractors to provide accurate estimates. Pricing on this type of inspection can be billed on a daily basis or a contracted proposal which varies widely on the type of structure and specialists needed. Travel costs for Legacy to and from the site, as well as all costs associated with specialists inspections are the sole responsibility of the client and not included in the inspection pricing. 

We are happy to cater to your Commercial Inspection requirements as needed. Pricing for such inspections is on a case-by-case basis due to the many different types of buildings and services offered.