We request to have all properties vacant during our inspection
In order to best serve our clients best interest, and be as thorough as possible, we do not permit clients to follow our inspectors. The inspector will try to answer all questions after the inspection. Buyers and Sellers are distracting to an inspector trying to focus as well as their ability to photograph the property to produce a highly detailed report. It is not recommended to bring the entire family and friends to your inspection. This typically results in more questions than can be answered in the allotted time frame.

 We do not write inspection reports on-site
Our reports are among the most detailed in the home inspection industry. Each report contains example pictures and YouTube Videos of recommendations so you don't need to take time off work to attend your home inspection. We've got you covered.

We typically schedule 2 or more inspections per day and are available to review your report in the evening following our inspections. We are highly trained but can only inspect as efficiently as we are allowed to focus on the inspection. 

 Your Realtor IS REQUIRED BY LAW to inform you
 You have the option to hire a specialist in any area of expertise to supplement your home inspection. We are not specialists.
We are hired to alert you to any conditions that may require a specialist.  
Although we are highly trained and certified in many different fields, we perform each inspection to the best of our ability, given our experience, and concentration permitted by all involved.

We are hired to serve your best interest and make it our goal to exceed your expectations! 


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You may also contact us at Legacy.Flagstaff@gmail.com