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Choosing the right Home Inspection Company

Choosing an inspection company to inspect one of your biggest purchases should never be based solely on price!

As one of the area's highest rated companies (based on clients reviews), our competitors typically set their prices slightly lower than ours to look more appealing in hopes that you will assume your'e buying the same quality product.  Truth is, newly-licensed inspectors often only meet the state's minimum requirements for certification.
We are the area's ONLY Certified Master Inspector (within 100 miles), which is the highest designation a property inspector can obtain.
Typically inspecting over 600 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate annually, Legacy has established a proven reputation of customer satisfaction. We firmly believe our services are the highest-quality available offered at more than competitive prices. 
Residential Home Inspections ​​
Up to 1,000sqft = $350                    5,000-5,500sqft = $600       
1,000-1,500sqft = $375                    5,500-6,000sqft = $650
1,500-2,000sqft = $400                    6,000-6,500sqft = $700
2,000-2,500sqft = $425                    6,500-7,000sqft = $750
2,500-3,000sqft = $450                    7,000-7,500sqft = $800
3,000-3,500sqft = $475                    7,500-8,000sqft = $850
3,500-4,000sqft = $500                    8,000-8,500sqft = $900
4,000-4,500sqft = $525                    8,500-9,000sqft = $950
4,500-5,000sqft = $550                    9,000-9,500sqft = $1,000

$50 travel for inspections over 100 miles from our office 
Radon Measurements
The EPA recommends ALL homes be tested during the sale or tranfer of a property. There are a lot of misconceptions on Radon testing due to it's increasing popularity. Deciding whether to have your home tested for Radon should not be based on the type of foundation or the where the home is located. Both the location and type of foundation (basement, crawlspace, concrete slab, etc.) have very little impact on the potential for an elevated Radon measurement. This is a commonly heard misconception.  
Northern AZ has many different layers of sedimentary rock that are tilted from volcanic activity. Therefore, the amount of Radon gas that seeps through these layers is never consistent or predictable throughout a given subdivision or street. We routinely find Radon concentrations above 4.0 pCi/L in almost every subdivision in the greater Flagstaff area. A home that is more energy-efficient and air-tight, is much more likely to trap Radon and have higher levels unless a mitigation system is installed. We perform EPA certified 48-hour measurements to provide a small glympse of a home's Radon levels. 

Homes under 4,000sqft - $150     Homes 4,000 - 8,000sqft - $300
Wood Destroying Insect / Termite Inspections ​​

Some home inspector's offer gimmicks such as free pest or termite inspections to help sell their home inspections. If such a home inspector were to find termites and recommend treatment, the major pest control experts  will charge you again for the same inspection since they will not assume the liability for any areas a home inspector may have missed. 

Therefore, we work alongside all local pest control companies daily and are happy to schedule ANY pest inspection company of your choosing. Pest inspections should only be performed by a state-licensed specialist. In addition, most pest control companies will provide you with an estimate for any recommended treatments in conjunction with their inspection reports. Most offer annual treatment services as well.
Infrared Thermal Imaging
We employ the use of thermal imaging on every property inspection at no additional cost to our clients. Moisture and many other defects in a home are hidden and hard to detect until damage becomes evident. By converting heat into visible images, thermal imaging helps us locate additional defects that would otherwise potentially go unnoticed.

The picture to the left is a perfect example of how thermal imaging helped us locate a light switch next to a front door that had a loose wiring connection. The camera identified and measured the light switch at over 160 degrees which was a serious fire-hazard waiting to happen.

Active moisture and roof leaks are equally as easy to spot as darker cold spots on the ceiling or walls inside a residence which can make the difference between calling a plumber or roofer, or calling a restoration company to treat mold growth which moisture typically leaves behind.
Clear & Concise Reporting
All inspection companies are not equally certified and trained. As a former home-builder and the largest Commercial & Residential inspection company in Northern Arizona, Legacy's reports are second to none. A property inspection is only as good as the report that's delivered to the client and the Realtors who represent both sides in the transaction. Our reports use common words which almost any client can understand. Our reports are written in an outline format and do not use confusing check boxes marketed for newer inspectors.  

An detailed report of inter-related items on a residential home takes hours of planning, writing, and reviewing to explain clearly. Utilizing multiple inspectors on most inspections allows us to collect much more information about a home in the same amount of time at a highly-competitive price when compared to most single-inspector outfits.

Our reporting software and report writing methods were personally developed by the company owner after performing thousands of Commercial & Residential inspections throughout the Southwestern United States.